All Pics are from 2000

Pics From MAYHEM!!!

Here are a few pics we snapped at Mayhem in Miami a local competition..

Pics From Nats!! 

Here are a few pictures from nationals.

Lightning Car!!!

The Lightning car our "mascot" with the animation


A whole lot of pics of us in the building and brainstorming stages

Bot 1

us hanging...we really do chin ups

Bot 2

us getting carried off the field in victory

close up

a close up of the bot


the crowd and our team right in the thick of it


an animation I did of the robot not great but you get the idea


here we are picking up a yellow ball


our alliance all in one picture. (during the first practice round)  the alliance we picked to go into the elimination matches are in this picture at regionals

our pins to be

these will hopefully be our pins